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Robert E L Gifford ll, lovingly known to most as just " Rob", is a Colorado Native and Disabled Veteran. Growing up surrounded by beauty, he has had a love for art since he first started doodling while convalescing from a severe childhood sickness. While mostly self-taught, he has studied Fine Art at various places including the Denver Art Institute.  He holds a BA from Colorado Christian University.

Rob has a severe nerve disorder which has left him without any feeling in his hands, wrists and lower extremities. Any artwork he produces comes at a great price physically and mentally. It is his desire to be a encouragement and positive example and influence to anyone dealing with a handicap. ” Adapt or Die”

Rob strives to express the vibrancy of life through his award-winning Art. Preferring the intricacy of mixed media and the cornucopia of color and textures it's many variations and amalgamations produce.

IMG_5501 2.heic

Robert E L Gifford ll

Owner - Artist

Image by Resul Mentes

Jacquline J Gifford and Robert E Gifford

Parent Dedication:

I lovingly and respectfully dedicate the Brush Art Center to my Parents, Robert E Gifford and Jacquline J Gifford. Their loving example of faithfulness and self-sacrifice to their family set an example of lives well lived to all who had the honor to know them. This Art Center could not have been possible without their generosity. Mom and Dad I look forward to our heavenly reunion.

 Proverbs 3:27 “Give honor where honor is due…”

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